Current standings

Results for all competitors are here.

Rank Athlete Country Fri Sat Sun Total X    
9BROADWATER JesseUS-FLUSA - Florida3003003009007800
16COUSINS DaveUS-MEUSA - Maine2993003008998610
1ELLISON BradyUS-AZUSA - Arizona2952992998936500
5GAUVIN CrystalUS-CTUSA - Connecticut27427427782512
241GRINAGER WadeUS-MNUSA - Minnesota3002792998787500
29GRUBER MarcUS-WIUSA - Wisconsin2993003008997400
2LARSON HollyUS-MNUSA - Minnesota3002992998986100
79LOPEZ SaraCOLColombia3002992998986200
33MENZER RodUS-WIUSA - Wisconsin2972962988915300
13NELSON ToddUS-MNUSA - Minnesota2982992988956000
29RYALS GeorgeUS-GAUSA - Georgia3002993008997400
86SCHLEUSNER GrantUS-WIUSA - Wisconsin2982993008977200
101SCHLEUSNER SerenaUS-WIUSA - Wisconsin2902882458232200
10THEODORE BreannaUS-MNUSA - Minnesota3002982978956900

Scores last updated: Sun Feb 12 20:20:27 2017 MST

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